Christmas is around the corner!

Recently, dozens of Stepping Stones’ young students attended an event hosted by Chiheng Foundation, one of Stepping Stones’ partners. The activity was held in Village 127, where several young professional bakers taught kids how to bake cookies and homemade pizzas! (The results were mouth-watering and gorgeous!)

The professional bakers are currently improving their English skills at Stepping Stones’ English corner held at Village 127, as part of a Leadership Program organised by Chiheng Foundation. Many of them also had English and digital literacy classes with us while attending baking training with Shanghai Young Bakers, a partner organisation of Stepping Stones and Chiheng.

During Thanksgiving, the young bakers decided that it was their turn to help other disadvantaged communities, and came up with this great idea. This is true success – to see former students confident in their skills and eager to give back to the community and share their expertise with others!

Throughout the baking event, students, instructors, and mentors alike clearly enjoyed learning and chatting together, expressing their creativity, and channeling the true meaning of Christmas.

It’s a joy to see the multiplying impact of volunteering and philanthropy, and to witness the accomplishments and growth of all these young people! Thanks to Chiheng Foundation, SYB, and Stepping Stones’ staff, teachers, and volunteers who help make meaningful opportunities like these possible! If you are not yet a Stepping Stones volunteer but would like to be involved, please reach out! We are currently recruiting for the Spring term, and would love to connect with you!