Digital Literacy – Offline

Our learning environment emphasizes interaction between student and teacher, and uses understanding by design framework, tying back to annual curriculum goals. While teaching important skills and concepts of digital literacy (e.g., online searching, typing, Internet security, Microsoft Office, coding, graphical programming, STEM, 3D printing, and AI), the classes are also designed to unleash creativity, encourage communication, develop critical thinking, and increase each student’s confidence and self-esteem, and help them look toward to their future with excitement.

Get Involved

Teaching digital literacy skills
  • Description: Volunteers are needed to teach computer lessons or to assist our full-time computer teachers to deliver innovative computer, IT, and life-skills training offline in Shanghai.
  • Time commitment: A minimum of one school term (3-4 months) or 4-6 weeks during the summer. Weekday and weekend classes all available. Volunteers are expected to commit to 2-4 hours per week (including commute and/or lesson preparation time).
  • Requirements: Native Chinese-speaker with English fluency a plus. Strong interest in teaching computer, IT or digital literacy to disadvantaged communities.
  • Location: Schools or community centers located in Shanghai.
  • Training & support provided by Stepping Stones
  • Corporate & students partners: Every year, we welcome many corporate and student groups to contribute to our Digital Literacy program. For example, volunteers from NYU, Google, Goodyear, and PwC joined us to teach lessons to children.

If you have any further questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact Teddy Shi (

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