Our Impact

Our program benefits 10,000-15,000 students each year, the majority of them attending weekly lessons. Every year, we carry out impact evaluations to collect information about our programs and to assess the impacts of our interventions.

Evaluations are done employing different methodologies. For example, we conduct pre- and post-speaking assessment to evaluate students’ progress in English. We also collect data through the distribution of ‘pre-program’ (or baseline) and ‘post-program’ (or follow-up) survey questionnaires to ask a variety of questions to assess, for instance, students’ confidence and interest in English and digital literacy, or teachers’ perceptions of the improvement in their teaching skills.

Our impact evaluations confirm the verbatim feedback we gather from our stakeholders, showing that students who participate in our program show increased interest and confidence in their studies, which improves their access to educational and work opportunities in the future. Additionally, students are exposed to different cultures, and get early exposure to volunteer programs and volunteering spirit.

Complete reports on data we have collected to date can be found below.

Impact Report 2022 (English)
铺路石2022影响力报告 (中文)

‘Impact’ Section – Annual Report 2021 (English)

‘Impact’ Section – Annual Report 2020 (English)

‘Impact’ Section – Annual Report 2019 (English)

‘Impact’ Section – Annual Report 2018 (English)

–  ‘Impact’ Section –  Annual Report 2017 (English)
–  铺路石2017年报(中文)

  ‘Impact’ Section – Annual Report 2016 (English)
–   铺路石2016年报 (中文)

–  Impact of Classroom Teaching Program 2015-2016
–  Impact of Tutoring Program in Shanghai 2015-2016

–  Impact of Classroom Teaching Program in a Migrant School in Jiashan (Zhejiang province) 2015
–  Impact of Classroom Teaching Program on Students’ Test Scores in a Migrant School in Shanghai (Minhang district) 2014-2015
–  Impact of Classroom Teaching Program in a Migrant School in Shanghai (Baoshan district) 2014-2015

For a report on the impact of our I Care program, please click here.

–  Impact of After-School Tuition Program Fall 2013