Summer Camps

Since 2017, Stepping Stones has been collaborating with the Youth League to provide safe, stimulating summer camps in Huacao Township, Minhang Shanghai for children whose parents both need to work.

As well as delivering our regular English and digital literacy lessons to the children, our summer camps offer a whole range of other activities, including arts and crafts, reading, music, drama, science, geography, dance, environment and board games, providing an enriching experience for the children. Classes are taught by trained volunteers.

Get Involved

Teach your favourite subject to kids during the summer!
  • Description: Summer Camp volunteers teach English, digital literacy or other subjects they are passionate about, including but not limited to arts and crafts, reading, music, drama, science, board games, dance, sports and environment, providing an enriching experience for disadvantaged children in Shanghai between the ages of 6 and 12. Each class has around 30 children.
  • Time commitment: Minimum of at least 4 weeks during the summer (July and August). Volunteers are expected to commit to one day per week (including commute and lesson preparation time).
  • Requirements: Fluent or native level of Chinese to teach classes other than English. Fluent or native level of English to teach English. Enjoy interacting with children.
  • Location: Community centers located in Minhang (Huacao), Shanghai.
  • Training & support provided by Stepping Stones
  • Corporate & students partners: Every year, we welcome many corporate and student groups to contribute to our summer camps. For example, volunteers have joined us from Google, Target, PwC, Teaching Nomad and Disney English.

Other Ways to Get Involved