Corinne Hua


Corinne Richeux Hua is the Founder and Executive Director of Stepping Stones. Corinne is half British and half French, and graduated in Chinese studies from Cambridge University in 1990. Since moving to Shanghai with her husband in 1993, Corinne has worked in the Commercial Section of the British Consulate General and as H.R. Senior Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and has two children. Corinne has been working in the non-profit sector in Shanghai since 2005.

“When I first visited some migrant schools in Shanghai in 2006 and asked the Principals what help they needed, they all asked me to help them to teach English to their students. I already knew a lot of English speakers in Shanghai who were looking for a meaningful way to help others. Stepping Stones emerged as a neat way to bridge a need in our local community with a valuable resource.

“I’ve always been passionate about social service, volunteering, education and cultural exchange, and I derive inspiration each day from the amazing people that Stepping Stones brings together from all walks of life in Shanghai.”