Eva Hua


Eva participated in various volunteer activities before being a member of Stepping Stones. With knowledge of non-profit organizations, she devotes herself to working with caring volunteers and friends who are willing to help others.

Eva grew up in Shanghai and graduated from Shanghai University (SILC), majoring in International Economics and Trade. She earned financial experience working for the Bank of China.

“Wherever I go, I have always been keen on getting involved in social volunteering programmes. It’s my great honour and pleasure to contribute to the future of children and of my hometown, Shanghai, by being part of the Stepping Stones team.”

“I first learned about Stepping Stones when I attended a talk given by the Director Corinne Hua. I was deeply touched to hear that Stepping Stones exerts its best effort to improve the education of migrant children in China. I love to devote myself to this meaningful programme and I enjoy facing the challenges we are facing. Stepping Stones volunteers impressed me with their passion and creative thinking. Their ideas inspire the whole team and encourage children to learn in an innovative way.”