Fantastic Animals Are Here!

The Zoo

If we were to pinpoint children’s favorite places, the zoo would definitely be at the top of the list! It’s a bustling hub for rare animals from across the globe, offering a myriad of colorful activities. Just before the scorching summer heat hits, volunteers from Stepping Stones, along with some from Equinix (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and a bunch of lively and lovely children, set off on a unique and enchanting journey at the Shanghai Zoo.

Enhancing Learning

Every child possesses an innate love for animals; it’s a natural instinct ingrained within them. Zoos act as vibrant textbooks, allowing children to delve into the marvels of nature. As they frolic around, they mentally connect the images of animals in their minds with the ones they see in real life, fostering cognitive growth along the way.

Look at these primates! Their graceful features, agile limbs, and swift movements deeply captivate the children.
Ah, look at all these monkeys! And there are even baboons!
Guess what other magical creature we saw?

Foresting Compassion

Children brim with curiosity about various animals. The sheer delight they feel when interacting with animals makes these creatures their best and most loyal companions. Through these interactions, children not only learn to care for and look after animals but also grasp the importance of respecting their rights to life. They cultivate awareness about protecting animals and the environment, striving to live harmoniously alongside them as good neighbors.

We’re also eager to get involved in protecting the Asian elephant!
We’re hoping these pigeons will bring us love and peace.

The Caring

Absolutely, playing is truly ingrained in the nature of children. Whether under the scorching sun or on the lush green field, children joyfully frolic and play on the spacious grounds. And don’t worry, when they tire from playing, our volunteers will be there to accompany them every step of the way.

It’s too hot, let me help you tie your hair up!
Hey, young men, are you enjoying yourselves today?