Gao Jian

Jian Gao is the Volunteer & Internship Manager of Stepping Stones, responsible for the recruitment and management of volunteers as well as interns. She holds a PhD degree in Economic and Social History and has worked in media. She got to know Stepping Stones via an interview and started to volunteer with Stepping Stones since 2019.

“My previous research focused on the historical transition of Chinese villages as a whole and was not very concerned with the fates of individuals.  My media experience led me to individual persons. Volunteering with Stepping Stones, as well as living in a Chinese village, increased my knowledge about rural China and people living there. To bridge the huge gap between the urban and rural areas, especially in education, is like the Chinese idiom “Yugong moves mountains”, and I am so impressed by Corinne’s persistence and resilience. So I want to join and do something instead of standing by and just making comments.”