Wang Cui


Wang Cui is Stepping Stones’ Fundraising Senior Manager. Her main role is to develop fundraising capacity and manage Stepping Stones’ relationships with local government, companies, and project partners including other non-profits, schools and community centres.

Wang Cui started her non-profit career with Save the Children China, responsible for a few education projects including a School Health & Nutrition project and a Basic Education project. In 2012, she moved to Singapore with her family and continued her social work in ASEAN countries. She was then the Country Program Manager for Vietnam and China in a Singapore local non-profit called Mercy Relief. Wang Cui is very committed to humanitarian work and has been dispatched to disaster-prone areas in the Philippines, China, Vietnam and Lao PDR.

“As a humanitarian worker, I’ve witnessed a lot of tragedies, of elderly and of children. Almost five years NGO working experiences taught me how to see problems, poverty and inequity from different angles of view. Now I am a new mother and a migrant living in Shanghai, I do hope our team could do what we can to improve education and social welfare for migrant children here and contribute to educational equality.”