Teaching Tip | A Different Way to Keep Score

Need a more engaging score-keeping method to spice up the competition in your classroom? Here is one called ‘football’.

First, you’ll need to draw a playing field like this one on the board:

Next, divide your students into two teams. Place a “ball” token at the center. Then, students must do the task correctly to approach the posts and score a goal. For example, Team A does it correctly and moves right one step closer to their goal. Team B does it correctly and moves the ball left back to the center. Team A does it incorrectly and can’t move the ball at all. Team B does it correctly and moves left one step closer to their goal. If Team A were to keep doing it incorrectly and Team B correctly, then Team B would continue moving left to eventually score a goal. When a team scores, the ball moves back to the center, and the team that did not score last starts. The team with the most goals wins.

The task can be anything from guessing the right word, answering the teacher’s questions in complete sentences, to acting out the teacher’s instructions, etc.