Exciting New Teaching Programme Starting This Spring!


Stepping Stones recently teamed up with Optus, Habitat for Humanity and AustCham Shanghai to brighten up a school in rural Zhejiang Province. Read more here...

Starting this spring semester 2015, Stepping Stones is introducing a new classroom teaching programme in Jiashan!

Our new programme will take place at Xixiang Guangyuan Migrant School in Jiashan County. Jiashan, just 40 min outside of Shanghai by high speed train in Zhejiang Province, lies across the Shanghai-Zhejiang boundary. This area is a development zone where many migrants live. Currently, Xixiang Guangyuan school has 700 students in 16 classes,covering grades 1-9 and is self-funded through school fees.

Starting from the spring semester 2015, in early March, Stepping Stones’ generous sponsor, Optus will be funding all costs to enable volunteers to teach at Xixiang Guangyuan school!

Optus has previously supported Xixiang Guangyuan Migrant School with a beautification project, repainting the walls and restoring toilets. Additionally, Optus has made substantial donations to the school, wanting to contribute directly to the education of the school’s students!

Volunteers who participate in this program will have the opportunity to participate in a teaching programme outside of Shanghai city, helping rural students who are at a greater disadvantage, in terms of English language learning than their Shanghai counterparts.

The teaching schedule for this program is extremely flexible and can be determined based on volunteers’ availability.There is also the chance for volunteers to stay overnight teaching for two days or a week consecutively, all covered by our sponsor, Optus.

To learn more about this new and exciting program please contact Morgan,