Recent Volunteers Share ‘Heartwarming’ Experiences with Stepping Stones

For many Stepping Stones volunteers, their experience in the classroom is quite a profound one. Feedback has been quick to note the powerful effect of the children’s eagerness and spirit. Bill Trautmann, a recent volunteer, remarked that “After the project, I can appreciate a bit more all the hard work that it takes to provide the resources and lessons that Stepping Stones provides the schools and children.” He goes on to observe that “it is easy to recognize what continues to drive [Stepping Stones] to provide the benefit, as the children’s reactions are truly special and provide a sense that the work we all did was well worth it.”


Another of our volunteers, Matthew, was as grateful for the opportunity to teach as his students were to learn from him. “I would also like to thank you for an amazing experience,” he wrote. “It was heartwarming and heart-wrenching to see those wonderful children. I’ll not forget it.”