Support Stepping Stones’ “Egg Walk” Challenge


Join and support Stepping Stones for the egg walk challenge!

“The egg walk challenge” is an annual fundraising campaign initiated by Shanghai United Foundation (SUF) in 2011. During the “Egg Walk”, charity teams and individual teams set out to raise funds to support children’s development projects in China. Each team is required to walk 50km within 12 hours on a predetermined route.

yige jidan

The original idea of the “egg walk” was to provide an egg a day for underprivileged children in rural China. Today though the name remains, the goal has broadened. The great success of the annual Egg Walk allows it to support all kinds of services to under-privileged children, including education. This year, SUF-sponsored organization Stepping Stones will join the Egg Walk in order to raise funds to support migrant children in Shanghai.

Stepping Stone’s super team has pledged to raise 20,000 yuan for Shanghai’s migrant children. Join us to reach our target and raise awareness for migrant children’s education.

If you would like to join our team and help us to raise 20,000 yuan, please email to contact Jennifer Wang for more information.

Come on! Get involved. The Super Stepping Stones’ team is ready, are you?

How to Sponsor Super Stones Team:

1. Extract the QR Code below and click support team/person to donate to (超级石子队) jidan qr code



2. Click here to donate via the innovative fundraising tool“爱扑满”.