Teaching Tip || Creative Use of Class Rule Cards

Halfway through the semester, are your students already familiar with the class rules? If yes, we suggest you skip this section (which is listed in every lesson plan). There are still some ways you can remind students of the rules.

  1. While one teacher is putting up flashcards on the board, or getting the resources ready for an activity, and the students are not required to do anything, the other teacher can draw students’ attention to the class rules cards and get the students to act them out. It also helps to refocus students.
  2. Assign one student to take the responsibility for one class rule card. Whenever there’s a need to use one rule, ask this student to remind the whole class to follow his/her rule card. The role can be rotated in every class. But the role should be assigned before the class begins.
  3. The easiest way is to put the class rule flash cards on top of the board, or on one side of the board as a reminder. Only refer to it when necessary.