Volunteers needed for Stepping Stones’ Videolink Program!

  • Want to teach English to our students, but no time to travel to their schools?
  • Want to know more about how charitable projects operate?
  • Want to contribute to improve the education for left-behind children in China?

Come and join our Videolink Teaching Program!

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Stepping Stones’ Videolink Program will train volunteers to teach English through the Internet to a small class of left-behind children in rural China (around 12-15 children), providing an efficient and sustainable way of reaching more disadvantaged children in remote areas. Lessons will be scheduled mainly on weekends or evenings, thus allowing more volunteers to get involved outside of work/school hours and with less travel needed. Volunteers living overseas can also sign up!

 Volunteer requirements

  • Time commitment: 3-4 hours per week (including preparation time for making PPT and lesson plans etc.) for at least one term.
  • Good level of English with Chinese language skills a plus; interest in communicating the English language to new learners.
  • Age limit: Minimum age is 16.
  • Good Information Technology skills required.
  • All volunteers must attend the Videolink training session organized by Stepping Stones.