What A Memorable Summer Camp!

With the return of the flaming hot summer in Shanghai this July and August, Stepping Stones was fortunate to partner again with the Hua Cao Town Youth League to run the “Loving Summer Camps” to provide summer care for elementary school students. With the purpose of helping primary students to spend a safe, happy and meaningful holiday, our volunteers prepared lots of wonderful and cultural courses for students.

Kids in the summer camp say…

I love this summer camp. I like phonics class because the foreign teachers are very interesting.

“I’m very happy here. I like to participate in the Stepping Up Program. I can create things I like while I’m playing games.

I want to come to the summer camp every day. I’m interested in the rubix cube class. I’m really good at it now!

Volunteers in the summer camp say…

“I’m very happy and honored to be a volunteer at this summer camp. I have met many bright and lovely children. I enjoy spending time with them as well as their quirky spirits. Sometimes they shared with me their emotions, sometimes even gave me a “self-portrait” painted by themselves. I hope that these students will grow up with happiness and health in the future.

Jiping Che

Summer camp experience has taught me the importance of teamwork. Collectivism and collaboration have played a key role in our work. The things get done by teamwork may seem simple, however revealing profound means: will power, passion and vitality. The so-called teamwork can be considered as overall awareness, collaboration and service provided. Our summer camp had a smooth end all because of our teamwork spirit and perseverance. It also gave me a better understanding of teamwork in life.

Zhifan Liu

“It was fun taking care of the students at summer camp. Listening to their words and watching them play simple and interesting games made me feel like returning to my childhood. The experience also cultivated my patience and responsibility.

Yanghong Song

There’s nothing that brings me more joy than witnessing child growth, which I experienced every day at the summer program. From proposing the theme to teaching the children, I grew with my students, becoming a more patient individual committed to provide quality education for disadvantaged children. I encourage more volunteers and students to participate in these programs, and look forward to continuing my services with Stepping Stones!

Catherine WANG

Although it was only a few weeks of volunteering, I spent a joyful and fulfilling time at summer camp. Diversified course curriculum has allowed me to learn tons of interesting knowledge with students. It also gave me an opportunity to make a lot of new volunteering friends.

Yujuan Mo

At the beginning of the new semester, Stepping Stones wishes all the kids a happy new term! We also prepared some English songs for you and/or your kids, please click “read more” to have fun!