Lianyuan Experimental School Students’ Way to Support Stepping Stones !


On the 25th of April Lianyuan experimental school organised a volunteering fair at the Parkside Plaza on Daduhe lu, as a way to promote better understanding for giving back to the society with their children.

High school students from Lianyan experimental school, international division had choices of different  non- profit organizations they could select to support for this fair. The high schoolers had to conceive, plan and manage their stall in order to raise the money for their chosen charity.

Ten enthusiastic students decided to support Stepping Stones. With the help of our training Manger, Anupama Sharma, the stall was set up and ready to sell. The kids were very creative and eager to sell their goods. They sold soda water and held a burst the balloon activity to raise money. A board of balloons, filled with prizes, was set-up and people were trying to burst them with a stick. The prizes included: Claire’s accessories, Stepping Stones bags, drinks and more. It was a big success!

The open children’s play area at Parkside Plaza was bursting with activities and fun throughout the day as the students worked to raise awareness for the work of the non-profits. It was a great opportunity for the Lianyuan students to learn about the importance of volunteering!