Harvest in Golden Autumn——Equinix Supports ‘Smart Farm’ Science Outreach Activity

In the golden autumn season, volunteers from the Stepping Stones, together with nine volunteers from Equinix (China) Investment Co., Ltd., brought a fruitful “Smart Farm” science popularization activity to 18 children from schools in Jiangchuan area.

During the tour, the children developed a keen interest in the technology exhibition area within the library.

(The activity commenced with the children, guided by Stepping Stones’ volunteers, exploring the Big Zero Bay Library.)

Subsequently, the children entered the ‘Smart Farm’ classroom, where volunteers from Stepping Stones and Equinix enthusiastically and professionally introduced the concept and principles of the smart farm to the children. Through lively explanations and interactive experiences, the students developed a strong interest in the future development of the integration of technology and agriculture.

Following the explanation, the hands-on segment began, with volunteers presenting an engaging practical project: an intelligent irrigation system. Equinix volunteers and the children formed groups to participate, personally constructing farms, utilizing programming to control electronic components, gaining a deeper understanding of the application and value of technology in agriculture.

(Equinix volunteers and the children discussing programming and constructing the farm model.)

The activity reached its climax as volunteers and children actively asked questions and discussed issues encountered during the construction.

(The children used tools to assemble and build the farm.)

With the prototype of the farm completed, Equinix volunteers and children worked together to study and practice the programming of the automatic irrigation system.

(Water slowly flows into the soil of the farm built by the children.)

After three hours of learning and hands-on practice, volunteers and children successfully completed the construction of the farm and the programming of the irrigation system, showcasing their achievements to everyone. Outstanding children even received the “Youth Innovation in Science” certificate awarded by the Jiangchuan Road Street Science Association in Minhang District.

The ‘Smart Farm’ activity by Stepping Stones and Equinix not only enriched the children’s extracurricular lives but also sparked their curiosity for technology. Through interaction with volunteers and practical activities, the students gained a deeper understanding of technological innovation while also fostering their hands-on skills and teamwork spirit.