Heartwarming Volunteer Feedback

Stepping Stones recently received a wonderful note from volunteer Helen Wang, a parent at SUIS:

“今天坐八号线来到浦江镇的农民工子弟学校,参加“铺路石”志愿者活动。我今天教的是一位叫棉棉的一年级小姑娘,她姑姑把她交给我时脸上还挂着两行眼泪 ,怯生生的不敢抬眼看我。后来我帮她取了英文名mary.给她做head and shoulder, knee and toe的游戏,默写英文字母,慢慢地消除了她的紧张,最后还教她摆pose拍照,鼓励她每天都要大声地笑出来。孩子们都好可爱。希望他们的明天像上海今天的天空一样美好。[玫瑰][爱心] ”

“Today we took line 8 to Pujiang Town to participate in a Stepping Stones’ volunteering activity. The student I taught was a pretty little first grader whose name was Mianmian. She had tears on her face when her aunt sent her in and she was avoiding eye contact with me. I started with giving her an English name – Mary. Then we played the “head and shoulders, knees and toes” game and wrote letters together. Her nervousness was finally comforted. At the end of the day, I taught her how to pose for photos and encouraged her to laugh loudly. Kids are lovely and I hope their future will be as bright as today’s sky.”

Photos from Helen Wang's Volunteer Experience at Sumin School