Hey! Check out our spring volunteering opportunities!

Eager to give back to your community but not sure how? Stepping Stones has a huge range of volunteering opportunities for all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are fluent in English or Chinese, want to teach or prefer an office role, available weekdays, evenings, weekends or holidays, as long as you have the passion to help others, sign up with us to find the perfect volunteering role for you!

Please check out the list below.

(Volunteers must be at least 16 years old and able to complete the minimum volunteer hours of the corresponding project.)

Shanghai English TeachingTeach English once a week at community centres and migrant schools in Shanghai. minimum commitment is one school term (3-4 months).
Rural Individual VolunteeringTeach English for at least two weeks at community centres or schools in rural China. 
Home Classroom Program CoordinatorCoordinate online classes and liaise with English teaching volunteers, parents and students. Native-level Chinese and English fluency necessary. Minimum commitment is 12 weeks. An ideal volunteering opportunity for high-school students.
Home Classroom Program 
English Teaching
Teach English once a week to a small group of rural children connecting from their home. Minimum commitment is 10 weeks. 
School Videolink Program 
English Teaching
Teach English once a week to left-behind children in rural China connecting from their classrooms. Class size varies from 12-40 students. Minimum commitment is one school term (3-4 months).

Special Needs English teaching
Teach English to autistic primary school children in Shanghai. Volunteers need to possess prior teaching experience and/or experience with special needs communities. Minimum commitment is one school term (3-4 months).  
Digital LiteracyTeach digital literacy once a week in Chinese to disadvantaged children and youth in and around Shanghai. Minimum commitment is one school term (3-4 months). 
InternshipsA huge variety of opportunities throughout the year for young people to gain valuable work experience in a professional environment, including assisting with at our summer camps. Minimum commitment 2 days per week, or 3 weeks full-time.
Photography/VideographyVolunteer to take photographs/videos at our program sites. Professional or skilled amateur required.
Office WorkOffice work, e.g. fundraising, communications, design, translation, IT.
Curriculum DevelopmentReview and update Stepping Stones teaching material and develop new teaching resources and new volunteer training materials as needed. Source suitable teaching resources that can be used for our programs. Relevant professional qualifications and/or experience is necessary