How is the Experience of Volunteering with Stepping Stones?

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Laura Dailey has been teaching and coordinating at one of Stepping Stones partner migrant schools since October 2013. Laura has left Shanghai and is repatriating back to the USA.

We asked her to describe her experience over the last two years and go through her photo album, sharing some memorable pictures and quotes from her classes with Stepping Stones. Let’s see what she has to say:

«There are many wonderful experiences I’ve been blessed to have had while living in Shanghai.  None more fulfilling than my time with Stepping Stones, teaching and coordinating.  

I still recall my first day, nervous with anticipation with no formal teaching experience under my belt.  Will I know enough?  Will I help them learn something they didn’t know before?  Will they like me??  If there is one thing I’d tell a new teacher it’s to throw those bits of anxiety out the door!  The children are so welcoming, happy and smart!!  So willing to learn and participate.  You can just see in their little eyes as you stand up front shaking with nerves, they are just saying “please, teach me!!”  

It was so much fun to see them smile, laugh and have fun.  Something I think is lacking in their normal studies.  And they are so proud to get the answer right!  My favorite is when they are embarrassed about something, and they cover their faces and giggle.  Priceless!

Those first days were exhausting and challenging but oh so worth it.  I will forever hold those little faces in my heart.  And Stepping Stones as one of my favorite parts of living in China.»

Stepping Stones would like to thank Laura for her valuable contribution over the past two years. It is only with the help of volunteers like Laura that we are able to accomplish our mission.

If you wish to join our mission to improve the education and welfare of Shanghai’s migrant children, while having an unforgettable experience SIGN UP ONLINE NOW!

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