Find out about Stepping Stones Eye Care Crowd Funding Project!

2013-01-11 I Care at Huabolixinghang Jiwang Campus 038

Stepping Stones has recently launched a new campaign to support its I Care Project. The objective of the I Care programme is to improve the vision of disadvantaged children in China in order to increase their chance of educational success, through the free provision of essential eye care equipment and services.

In 30 days our campaign managed to raise RMB16,272, which will provide two migrant children with eye surgeries to correct squint. Thanks to all our friends and volunteers for your contribution to our cause!

Squint is easily treated through surgery, but if neglected, can severely affect the quality of the child’s life and education, and potentially leading to major vision damage for the child in the future. These services are not affordable or accessible to most migrant children due to their disadvantaged economic and social status, lack of medical insurance, lack of knowledge of eye care, poor lighting in schools and homes, poor hygiene and a relatively heavy homework burden.

Check out the crowd funding page to see how we reached our goal!

2011-12-1 爱尔眼科医院-皖蓼小学73名学生视力检查 062

2011-06-24闵行奋发小学 032