Kindergarten kids had an English lesson from Duke MBA students!

On Friday 19 October, Duke MBA students paid a visit to a migrant kindergarten in Shanghai with us as part of their international program. It is on the other side of Shanghai with fewer skyscrapers and more rice fields. Director Corinne helped these volunteers to learn about the migrant situation as well as our organization by giving them detailed facts and stories. After the training of English teaching for the kindergarten kids was completed, the Duke MBA students made great use of the opportunity to interact with the kids and sparked inspiration in English learning.  During the class, kindergarten kids learned a few everyday animal words through repetition, modelling and games. Provided that the children barely speak English, and the volunteers speak no Chinese, the volunteers tried their best to show and communicate. Laughter was heard everywhere and with a glance, you could spot funny expressions made by volunteers to help the kids learn.

The classroom teacher was very pleased with this activity and wrote us an informal thank you letter “I really thank the foreign teachers for their native oral English, fun body expressions and interesting classroom games. Through the interaction, the students experienced something different in learning and speaking English. For students’ responses, the teachers made great encouragement. From time to time, teachers were making funny movements while teaching, which made kids laugh. The learning activities embody an openness in education, and the children effortlessly learned those words during the English lesson. Very great experience.

Thanks to the foreign volunteers for providing our students knowledge in such fun way!”