Monthly Donation — Long-lasting love and support

Monthly donation is a new way for the public to help poor and vulnerable groups, by committing to continuously donating small amounts to charity. Stepping Stones’ first ever Monthly Donation Plan is scheduled to officially launch this month. We sincerely invite our long-term supporters and caring people from all walks of life to join this new scheme to build a bridge of love, connecting every donor to the children.

Monthly donors are not only our supporters, but also our supervisors and fellow travelers. “Water droplets will eventually converge into an ocean, a little bit of sunlight can also light up the whole sky.” Your small caring action may help to change children’s lives. Scan the QR code below, join us now!

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Monthly Donor Benefits

It is our responsibility to protect your rights as a donor. In order to keep you informed about our project progress and let you know more about us, please leave your email and mailing address on the donation page. In return, we will provide:

  1. Stepping Stones’ latest annual reports;
  2. Regular project progress and financial reports, volunteering opportunities, stories, research and analysis, etc;
  3. Opportunities to participate in online and offline donor and community activities;
  4. Donors’ gift package;
  5. Donation certificates and assistance in applying for donation receipts etc.