Our Interns

Stepping Stones has worked with a variety of unique interns over the years, all from different parts of the world and different backgrounds.

Jennifer, who just joined us in September, is an example of the uniqueness of our interns. She is a Shanghainese girl from Vancouver, Canada, but it is her recent rise as a published author that makes her so interesting. Her new book, 《在爱情的海里我是一只淡水鱼》 (How to Love Like a Fish in Water) was published just this month. It is based on personal stories about relationships that can be explained by psychological theories.

Not only has the book been promoted in newspapers such as Shanghai Daily,  but celebrities such as Chunzi, a famous author with over ten bestsellers, have also recognized the book.

At the press release of How to Love Like a Fish in Water, Jennifer gave each of her guests Stepping Stones’ 2016 Calendar. She also gave her initial earnings from the book to Stepping Stones, and will continue to donate a portion of the sales proceeds to Stepping Stones and its programs.

Our interns have both a heart for charity and their own special talents, and we are lucky that they use their talents to support Stepping Stones.

Jennifer cutting the cake at the press release for her new book.
Jennifer cutting the cake at the press release for her new book.