What does our trainee say about the Videolink Teacher Training program? Read here Ningning’s testimonial!

Ningning’s Testimonial

I’m Ningning, a teacher from Hongbo school in Luyi. In 2017 it was my first year to teach English, so I was nervous every day and felt so much pressure on my shoulders. Fortunately, I received help from Stepping Stones and since then, I have changed a lot.

Desi and Ross trained us online. I have learned a lot through their training, such as how to teach students, how to stimulate their interest and so on. They gave me energy and knowledge so that I could become more and more confident. Thanks to the improvement of my teaching methods, the students fall in love with my classes. They don’t think it’s boring to learn English.

Later on, in order to improve our oral English, they set up an online Teachers’ English Corner for us. It is a good chance for us to meet someone from a different country and practice our English. Ross is so humorous and knowledgeable that we all enjoy his classes.

To our delight, our trainer Desi visited our school in person in June. We were excited to see her. She observed our classes as well as Videolink’s classes, and then gave us and the RT’s some advice on how to improve our teaching. With Desi’s help, both the volunteers and us have gotten better and better. What’s more, our students love our classes. Last but not least important, students’ parents are really thankful and support our work. Besides, we were all moved by Desi’s professional dedication and selfless contribution. During her stay, she was so hardworking and helped us a lot.

In short, Stepping Stones helps our rural children and us teachers so much. In return for their help, we promise to teach our students well and make them have a successful future. We also hope we can get more chances to keep improving ourselves. Our gratitude is beyond words.